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Oxstalls Off-Air Recordings 25th Feb - 2nd Mar 2012

Please email if you would like any of the following series or programmes recording. *

*This applies to staff members and students at the University of Gloucestershire. Any recordings made are to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence.
Saturday 25th Feb

Six Nations Rugby:  Ireland v Italy
BBC1 13:00pm - 15:25pm

Gabby Logan presents live coverage of Ireland v Italy from Dublin, the third match of the tournament for each country.
When they met last year, Ronan O'Gara's late drop-goal denied Italy their first-ever Six Nations victory over Ireland. Two Mirco Bergamasco penalties had helped the hosts to a 6-3 interval score and though Brian O'Driscoll's try helped Ireland move 10-6 ahead, Luke McLean's 75th-minute reply gave Italy a shock lead - before O'Gara's intervention two minutes later. Though Italy once again finished bottom of the pile after five matches, they are a growing force.
Joining Gabby in the studio is former Ireland captain Keith Wood, while match commentary comes from Andrew Cotter and Philip Matthews.

Six Nations Rugby:  England v Wales
BBC1 15:25pm - 18:00pm

John Inverdale presents live coverage of England v Wales from Twickenham. England are the reigning Six Nations champions, but come into the match with a completely revamped squad after a tumultuous 2011 World Cup. Though Wales came fourth in the final Six Nations standings last year, that did not reflect their true strength. Reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup in New Zealand was a more accurate barometer of the guile and power they possess. When they met last year in the opening match, wing Chris Ashton scored two tries to secure a hard-fought win for England in a compelling clash in Cardiff. Joining John in the studio are Jeremy Guscott, Jonathan Davies and Lawrence Dallaglio, while match commentary comes from Eddie Butler and Brian Moore.

The Story of the Musicals part 1/3
BBC2 18:20pm - 21:20pm

Three-part series which tells how the British musical became a driving force behind musical theatre around the world - a tale of titanic shows, phenomenal daring, epic rivalries, prodigious talent and gargantuan fortunes, all set in just a single square mile.
The first episode looks at how, from unpromising beginnings in the period after the Second World War, British musicals went on to reclaim the West End from American domination. Highlights include the quintessentially British show The Boyfriend and its failure to conquer Broadway, the riches to rags story of Lionel Bart and his masterpiece Oliver, and the extraordinary partnership of Sir Tim Rice and Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber from the moment they burst onto the scene with Jesus Christ Superstar until their final collaboration of the 1970s, Evita.
Featuring first-hand accounts from the great and the good of musical theatre including Lord Lloyd Webber, Sir Cameron Mackintosh, Sir Tim Rice, Elaine Paige, Ron Moody, Bill Kenwright, Sheila Hancock, Harold Prince, Robert Stigwood, Tommy Steele, Paul Nicholas and Willy Russell.

Mythical Beaches of the Sixties
More 4 21:00pm - 22:40pm

A look at the decade when Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn helped make the beaches of Capri and St Tropez the epitome of la dolce vita.

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll.
Yesterday 23:00pm - 24:00pm

Archive interviews with the late Bernard Braden. Film and TV stars including Maureen Lipman, Richard Lester and Sean Connery reflect on their lives in the 60s.
Sunday 26th Feb.
BBC2 14:30pm - 17:00pm
John Inverdale introduces live coverage of Scotland v France from Edinburgh, and is joined by expert analysts Jeremy Guscott and Andy Nicol in the studio.
The two teams met in Paris in the first round of Six Nations matches last year, when reigning champions France grabbed a stylish 34-21 win over a spirited Scotland. Les Bleus were aiming for a second straight Grand Slam at the time, but were undone by away losses to England and, more surprisingly, Italy. Despite turmoil and their underwhelming group stage displays, they bounced back at the World Cup - losing the final by just a point to hosts New Zealand.
For Scotland, a new era beckons - talismanic Chris Paterson, their record cap and points holder, retired from international rugby in December.
Match commentary is by Andrew Cotter and Jonathan Davies.
Monday 26th Feb.

Empire.  A taste For Power.  New Series 1/5
BBC1 21:00pm - 22:00pm

Jeremy Paxman traces the story of the greatest empire the world has ever known: the British Empire. In the first programme, he asks how such a small country got such a big head, and how a tiny island in the North Atlantic came to rule over a quarter of the world's population. He travels to India, where local soldiers and local maharajahs helped a handful of British traders to take over vast areas of land. Spectacular displays of imperial power dazzled subject peoples and developed a cult of Queen Victoria as Empress, mother and virtual God. In Egypt, Jeremy explores the bit of Empire that never was, as Britain's temporary peace-keeping visit turned into a seventy year occupation. He travels to the desert where Lawrence of Arabia brought a touch of romance to the grim struggle of the First World War. As Britain came to believe it could solve the world's problems, he tells the story of the triumphant conquest of Palestine by Imperial troops - and Britain's role in a conflict that haunts the Middle East to this day.
Tuesday 28th Feb.

Horizon:  The Truth About Exercise.
BBC2 21:00pm - 22:00pm

Like many, Michael Mosley want to get fitter and healthier but can't face hours on the treadmill or trips to the gym. Help may be at hand.
He uncovers the surprising new research which suggests many of us could benefit from just three minutes of high intensity exercise a week.
He discovers the hidden power of simple activities like walking and fidgeting, and finds out why some of us don't respond to exercise at all
Using himself as a guinea pig, Michael uncovers the surprising new research about exercise, that has the power to make us all live longer and healthier lives.
Thursday 1st March

Make Bradford British.  1/2
Channel 4 21:00pm - 22:00pm

To define what it means to be British, the series begins with the Government's UK Citizenship Test - the Life in the UK Test.
Over 100 people from across Bradford, all British citizens, are invited to sit the test, in which the questions include: 'What percentage of the British population is under the age of 19?' and 'When were women given the right to vote?'.
Eight people who fail the test are invited to live together in a microcosm of multicultural society.
After debating what being a British citizen means, from exploring use of language through to accommodating religious and dietary requirements, they'll experience a side of life in Great Britain they've never seen before.
In pairs, the eight residents of Bradford, ranging from a pub landlady to a former magistrate, will live each other's lives.
From visiting a mosque for the first time, to experiencing a traditional dinner party, each person opens their eyes to the world that exists around them, right on their doorstep.
Can eight people from different worlds but the same city really define what it means to be British in 2012?
Diversity and community experts Taiba Yasseen and Laurie Trott help guide the eight through the experience, to see if, by uniting people within the city, they can create a blueprint for a genuinely multicultural Great Britain.

Please email if you would like any of the following series or programmes recording. *

*This applies to staff members and students at the University of Gloucestershire. Any recordings made are to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence.

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